SUIT 003 – Research

Below are some heavy influences on my approach on solving this problem. I try to collect anything that is catching my eye. Then I try to figure out why I liked it. I start throwing way things after about holding on to it for a month.

The Boba Fett Samurai

My good friend Clinton Felker designed this concept a few years ago. This is one of the cleanest concepts I’ve seen regarding a modern samurai suit design. There are a lot of good points about this design.

Samurai Storm Trooper Archer Armor

What I pay most attention to here is the upper armor treatment, The way the shoulder pads are laid down. Maximum vision. Easy arm movement. 

Samurai Front Line Storm Trooper

What stands out to me here is the design of the hip protection. Easy forward motion with complete side protection. 

The @shinku_kim reference is made up of a bunch of random images to give the effect of a robot. It is pretty cool when you break it down piece by piece. You start recognizing things. Clint was trying to show me this technique once.

The @heroic_comics reference of Darkseid is pretty dope. I really like the shin guards.

Below are some extras that I enjoyed but didn’t really have much to say about them.

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