Shoes 010: Molding

Shoes 010: This was my first time molding anything so I went slow. It is easy to mess this process up. Avoiding bubbles is a pretty big deal. You have to pour in a way that bubbles get thinned out.

I like this brush on mold. I didn’t even know stuff like this existed.

Initially I was trying to create a mold of a show so I could pour plaster into it and then carve and sand a show out of the plaster casting.

Pic 01:
This is brush on silicon.

Pic 02:
This is brush on silicon.

This was a different kind of mold that you use to get fast and cheap mold of things like hands and feet. General life casting. I’ll have a video posted of that process later.

This is an example of the shoe after it has been poured. I added plain air drying white clay to the stop. But then sanding it down became an issue. I did not foresee all the dust created by sanding plaster. You can use a wet sanding process but that seemed to clog up my files pretty fast.

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