Shoes 007: Stand Outs

Shoes 007: Stand Outs – Since the shoe is based around the Jordan 13’s overall “feel” on the foot, I collected a lot of my favorite Jordan 13 images here. And then I started pulling a few shoes that had a very heavy influence on my ideas. 

This maroon and gray boot sock combo looked way too heavy and robotic but it still has the essence of what I want. A shoe that looks like a robot should be wearing it.

I’ll avoid getting wordy by not saying a bunch of obvious stuff about each picture I collected and instead focus on this ONE shoe. The only real issue I have is that the rubber sole parts “LOOK” too heavy. Too bulky.

If you make it look a little sharper like a jet I would love it. I am not a fan of the cloth sock wrap around approach because I feel like your foot can slide out too easy. I need to be able to tighten the shoe around my foot but control the lever of tightness so I don’t cut off blood flow to my foot.


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