Shoes 002 – Research

I was going to post every video I ever found regarding making a shoe up but I decided to just make a play list. I watched all the videos in this playlist to get an idea of how hard it is to make a shoe. That’s what I usually look at first before I start anything. I try to gauge how hard it will be to reach the final goal of creating an actual shoe. How much time will it take. Home much money will it take. How much effort.

I saw good examples of traditional shoe making and then I came across the Furoshiki which pretty much is a cloth that wraps around your foot and then coated with a rubber bottom.

I realized you could probably pour your own foamposite shoe. After getting comfortable with painting shoes, I decided to try and pour my own shoe design.

Here are the videos that lead up to my decision to create a mold out of silicon to pour myself a rubber shoe.

And then here are a few links to tutorials showing shoe restorations and custom coloring…

Custom Paint Shoes

1999 Jordan Restorations

Shoe Sole Molding

And this is some of the best shoe leather paint I ever used. I don’t even get paid to say that. I’m just being honest. This type of acrylic is weird. It’s not like the thick canvas stuff I am used to.

If you were wondering where I got the Ironman Image from:

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