Ominous Red Beat 152

Beat 152 is ready to be purchased by the right emcee. When you are talking about your own beats and you say stuff like “this is my favorite beat” is funny to me. It sounds a little full of one’s self. But in this case I felt like I was able to use my full skillset regrading composition and sound balance and cleaner sound engineering. I wasn’t so random and experimental. I really should have put vocals over this so people could get a real sense of how this track could work for someone.

The visuals were from an S10 repair I performed a while back. I love listening to music so sometimes I just drive around as an excuse to bump tracks. But then that wears down your car. Or in this case, my truck. The ball joint was pretty easy to fix you just have to have the right tools. This was great exercise too get me ready more more intense tuning like on my 3000GT. All practice for the VR4. Stay tuned folks… it’s just going to keep getting better.

Download the beat:

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