Ominous Red Beat 151

Beat 151 is ready to be purchased by the right emcee! Produced by myself, I finally started trying to really apply what I learned about Chord Theory. Now things will start sounding a little more balanced and make more appealing sense to the ears and heart. I like the happy accidents that are effects processing. You get some cool textures and emotions out of random experimenting. I should have put some Gucci over this or something.

I thought I lost this footage but I had it on a back up Hard Drive. It was supposed to go in the Ominous Red Volume 10 volume but I ended up having to smash it into Volume 11. I was just glad I found the footage. I am going to add more to this painting but that won’t come until like April. I have to work nonstop to get caught up. Too many projects on the table. Then I might have another gallery viewing of the final pieces. Initially this was just something I wanted to make to decorate my little apartment in Houston.

Download the beat:

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