Ominous Red Beat 150

Beat 150 is ready to be purchased by the right emcee!! The synths were so weird but I wanted to really try and flip something out of this. Some over effected drums seemed to work really nice for me. I went nuts with the kick but this was all an experiment. The track could use some more ingredients like vinyl cuts and some high hats but I am trying to get away from formula driven techniques and use my ears more. I follow a lot of producers who have dooooooope ears.

The visuals are from my Brother’s first coached fight with his first young fighter Ryan. I don’t know how I feel about kids hurting themselves for sport. There is no money in this and the injury risk is so high. I wanted to get into boxing because I know those are some of the best conditioned athletes but right now I cannot afford the energy drain. Maybe later this year I might jump back into it. getting weight down to 150 would be my prerequisite.

Download the beat:

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