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Alright… I am in the middle of building two motorcycles, rebuilding a 3000GT, modifying my home with solar power, fixing drones, gardening, building Linux make stations with custom arcade controllers, coding a video game, designing shoes and making music.

You can follow along behind the scenes at my Patreon page for a $1 a month. This the best way to contact me right now. I check that account everyday. Not only can you contact me, but you can answer poles I have to get guidance and suggestions on projects. Just click the picture or the link and get exclusive videos of updates on my current projects.
You can listen to and purchase songs or albums from my Bandcamp page.
Everybody and their momma is on Facebook and so am I.
I thought they were killing Soundcloud but then I guess they got saved. I try to upload a track or two up here.

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