180118 THU DAY: Workflow

Current Workflow


Step 1: Content
I like to start with some content to bend a theme around. I was going to use the Red, Green and Black color theme influenced by A Tribe Called Quest. But on Beat Volume 10 I ended up deviating from the plan and my Album Artwork cover was just my face with blue background. Ominous Red Beats Volume 11’s theme was based on Macross. Volume 12 will be based around Gundam and Volume 13 will be based around the Jordan 13 Black Panther shoe.


Step 2: Create Audio
I use a combination of Propellerheads Reason and Audacity on a MacBook to make a song.

I upload that AIF, WAV or MP3 to Tunecore, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Tunecore will eventually get it out to iTunes and Spotify and a bunch of other online store futons.


Step 3: Create Visuals
Using the Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro I add some visuals to the beat and create a video to offer as an alternative vehicle to deliver the music to listeners. I upload the video to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


Step 4: Share
Now that a final product is finished, I can share it. I post about it here on my blog. And then I share it to social media fronts like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Reddit.

Eventually, this will also be shared with a custom application. The first platform will be an iPhone app and then I will look at custom API solutions for distributing music.

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