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I came across Patreon on Instagram. So then I clicked on it and set up an account before I even researched what it was. I watched a few youtube videos and got a very mixed review on what it was and why it is needed. Below I posted a few videos I watched and noted what stood out to me about each video. I concluded that Patreon is something I should try to use to raise revenue to further fund the development of my projects. I’ll do a follow up video around October to explain exactly what has happened for me via Patreon just in case you are also wondering if Patreon is something you want to use.

The main benefit for me is, it gives me a way to offer exclusive content to people so theyy get their money’s worth. I don’t go on tours to offer a live experience. But here, I can reward people who are actual fans with behind the scenes content.

How To Get Big On Patreon:

I am just trying to figure out how Patreon works. This duuuuuuuude is hilarious. I am just trying to understand how the content is locked down. This guy breaks down how the most successful accounts make their money. And no surprise here, sex sells. This review is pretty hilarious but he does a great job of explaining some aspects to how to get a huge following on Patreon (use sex).

How To Turn Patreon into a Full Time Income:

Build an audience. Establish yourself as a valuable source of entertainment and knowledge. Start crowdfunding through a tool like Patreon. Create a call to action video where you explain why you need funding. Respect and appreciate your supporters.

Letting Fans Pay You on Patreon:

Showing fans things that you aren’t showing anyone else. This is what I am trying to find out how to do. So far I can’t lock down video content. I need to post more content to figure out exactly how this helps fans… As a fan, I am not sure if I want to use this to support others let alone get supporter myself. My girlfriend tried to become a fan on Patreon but it was just too hard for her to get through the red tape. So then I tried to log in and see my page as a fan, I had a hard time myself.

The 5 Highest Earners on Patreon:

This guy shows you some great examples of what kinds of people get success on Patreon. It’s a mix of sex and knowledgeable content.

Why I Refuse To Use PATREON – YouTube:

This guy would rather have sponsors pay for content instead of fans. I understand his point. But I don’t think I would use Patreon as the main stream of income. I just think of it as downloadable content. So you give fans and followers a choice. If they want more of your content, they can get it through Patreon.

YouTube Monetizing and Patreon:

Patreon is a tip jar. I like that analogy. Around the 8 minute mark he starts talking about how Youtube wants money. Fans start leaving when you sell out because you start monetizing your videos. He gave me a better idea of why I need to release free videos as opposed to content that has to be paid for. He pushes for an inclusionary approach to sharing your content instead of trying to slowly leak it to those who will pay for it.

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